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Our Family life...

Day 4: The Cool Cozumel Day…

After a long night, the clocks turned back one hour while we sailed into another time zone, we woke up somewhere around 7am. 45 minutes later we were sitting on a table in an overcrowded Cabanas eating Mickey waffles, cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs, fruit, chocolate croissant, cereal and more for breakfast.

After breakfast we went to the Walt Disney Theatre where we were put in group Jasmine. From there we took a long walk through the ship, through customs onto Cozumel, Mexico. Here we boarded bus number 27 towards Playa del Maya a beach resort about 20 minutes from the Port.

We didn’t expect much as it was one of the lower priced excursions but it was amazing. There were a couple pools, slides a very nice beach, food, a splash area for kids and free (non-)alcoholic beverages!

Without talking about it we booked the same excursion as Danny and his family and so we decided to spend the day together. Around 10am we had our first Dos Equis (beer), sand between our toes, palm trees over our head  and blue skies everywhere we could see.

Emily had a blast she loved jumping into the big pool the most, probably while she practiced this in the pool from one of our neighbors. The splash pad was fun too after a while she went on every slide in there.

After lunch mama and Joanna decided to do something different, the let fish eat from there feet right at the experience and had very soft feet afterwards!

Soon after the feet eating adventure it was time to head back to bus but not before Danny and I got our free double shot Tequila! This time the bus driver, Gasper, had a different bus. Maybe he wrecked the first one? Nevertheless we had a pleasant trip back to Port, Emily slept a little while and found a little bit of energy to enjoy shopping. The shopping consisted of getting a Starbucks Coffee and new Starbucks city mugs for our collection.

Back on the boat we dropped Emily of in the nursery somewhere round 3pm, she cried for a minute and was then most likely distracted by someone/something.

We both showered and prepared for Halloween. Danielle dressed up as Wendy Darling, I went as John Darling and Emily would join us later as Tinkerbel. Before Emily got back from the nursery we enjoyed the first Halloween Masquerade and we got some pictures taken mainly without characters, except for Goofy in his very cool Mummy Outfit.

Around 4:30pm she went to bed and at 5:30pm she woke up again. Just in time for a picture with Chip & Dale as Danielle came rushing towards me and she made it while I was almost first in line.

After the photo it was time for dinner in the Royal Court. It was French style cuisine and I can remember that we ate a lot. I got 2 appetizers and 3 desserts and every single thing was more delicious as the others.

During dinner Emily seemed really tired but we wanted to party with her at 7:30, good that we did as she smiled from ear to ear the whole time. After the party she was so excited that we waited to get a picture with Mickey Mouse in his Halloween outfit. Emily loved it and again she gave Mickey kisses and hugs and ended the visit with a lengthy goodbye.

That was it for today, time for bed!

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