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One day, two parks…

First of all we would like to thank everyone who is reading our blog and especially everyone who is leaving comments at the website.

After we got back to the hotel room yesterday in the middle of the night because we spent the whole evening in Magic Kingdom we woke up a little later this morning. A little advantage for us was the change to Daylight Savings Time, which meant we got one hour of extra sleep!

Today we planned to go to the Hollywood Studios, because this was going to be the least crowded of all parks today. Danielle drove us to the Film parking lot and at about 11:30 we arrived at the Studios.

First we checked the waiting-times-board we walked to the Tower of Terror to get ourselves some Fast Passes. Next stop was the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster. The wait was longer as expected due to technical problems. Later on this day it would be closed because of this. We also did the Great Movie Ride and Star Tours.

Day8 007
Because we have the Photopass+ we wanted to get some pictures taken with characters so we went to the Art of Disney Animation building and we got some nice pictures with Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope, Minnie in her so-called “bedazzled” dress and Mr. Incredible & Frozone.

Day8 006
Day8 005
Day8 004
We had Fast Passes for Star Tours but unfortunately we were to late and Sander could not get in anymore. Slowly we walked to Sunset Boulevard and watched the people while having something to drink.

About 90 minutes before Fantasmic! would begin we could get into the amphi-theater and we got ourselves some great seats. While waiting we talked to some strangers from Pennsylvania (Grandmother, Daughter & Grandchild) next to us. They wanted to see Illuminations also this evening so we decided that they could drive with us so they did not had to use the Disney transportation.

Fantasmic! was as expected amazing as was the warm-up entertainment before the show. In comparison to Fantasmic! 3 years ago we think they added some extra fireworks, but that made the show even more amazing!

As the show ended we wanted to leave the park as soon as possible to be in time for Illuminations. Everything went pretty smooth and soon we were at the car and drove together with our “guest” to Epcot where we were able to park close to the entrance en we were more then on time for Illuminations.

As we entered the park we said goodbye to Grandmother Rosanne, her daughter (too difficult name) and granddaughter Bridget and we were heading to get something to eat. We ate something simple in China and went to our favorite spot in Germany to see Illuminations.

Sander took again some beautiful photos of the show we both really love. We even saw the Wishes fireworks in the background.

Day8 003

Day8 002

Day8 001
On our way home we stopped at Walmart to do some groceries and headed for our hotel. It was a very nice day and we are really enjoying out time here in Florida.

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5 thoughts on “One day, two parks…”

  1. Waaauw die foto’s zijn echt gaaf.
    Ook ik volg trouw iedere morgen jullie blog.

  2. Een vast ochtend ritueel!!!! Wordt weer balen als jullie terug thuis zijn! Wat moet ik dan weer lezen….

  3. Die Ralph is ook wel buiten proportie hahahaha
    T is altijd leuk om een Vakantieblog te volgen , ik kijk elke ochtend tijdens het ontbijt uit naar jullie verslag .

  4. Weer een goed besteedde dag en wat een mooie vuurwerkfoto’s weer. Fantasmic blijft ook echt een geweldige show. Leuk om jullie weer zo te mogen volgen en iedere ochtend jullie blog te lezen. 1 nadeel….ik wil ook weer terug ;-)).

  5. GEWELDIG !!!!
    Vooral het privilege om te kunnen meegenieten vind ik geweldig !!!!
    Prachtige foto’s ook alweer!!!!
    Geniet er ginder nog goed van en we blijven volgen!! Tot tot … Xxxx

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