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Soaking wet…

The weather forecast for today was good again and we had many things to do in mind. We started with getting up early and at about 10:30 we left the hotel towards Animal Kingdom. We still had FastPasses left over from our first visit during this vacation, we wanted to have some additional PhotoPass pictures and we wanted to ride the Kali River Rapids…

After parking the car at Dinosaur 37 we walked towards the park entrance. In the park we first got our picture taken with Dug and Russell from the Disney Movie UP and Winnie the Pooh and Tigger before we went for the rides. We started with a FastPass for Dinosaur and from there we walked towards the Expedition Everest to utilize our FastPass.

Day19 017
Day19 015
Day19 014
Day19 013
From there we walked towards the Kali River Rapids, the ride where you might get wet but will get soaked! Danielle wasn’t sure about going on but I insisted that might not turn out good for me since Danielle is usually the lucky one and comes out of the ride without a dry spot, but I took the gamble. The wait time listed was 40 minutes but in the end it was a walk-on so no time for a second thought and we went on. I guess the pictures do speak for itself and I can tell you it wasn’t pretty for me…

Day19 010
Day19 012
Day19 009
Day19 011
After exiting the ride we went tot Dinosaur and then it was time to leave Animal Kingdom for the very last time during this vacation, on our way to the exit we got some additional PhotoPass pictures. From there we drove back to the hotel because Danielle wanted to change her clothes, I wonder why…

After a quick-lunch at the Chick-fil-a we went to the Premium Outlets at the Vineland Avenue to look for a new suitcase. After checking out all the shops we ended found a lightweight suitcase at The Luggage Factory. We didn’t buy a new suitcase to take an extra one back home but because one of our suitcases is over its lifetime and might not survive the flight back home in one piece and that is a risk we didn’t want to take.

Day19 016
Finally done with shopping for this trip we went back to Walt Disney World to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at the Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s. But that wasn’t the best idea since the park closed at the time we arrived. At the moment we found out I changed the directions and we went to Epcot to see Illuminations for the last time during this vacation.

Day19 008
But before it was 9:00 we went to Duffy in Christmas outfit since the pictures we took yesterday with our own camera where not focussed due to wrong camera settings. Afterwards it already got fresh so Danielle walked all the way back to the car, parked at Create 42 at the end of the lane to get our vests, in the meantime I took a flight to Mars with Mission:Space and at the time I arrived back on earth Danielle entered Epcot again.

Day19 007
Day19 006
Danielle got a Salted Caramel Mocha at the Fountain View (Starbucks), I got a Funnel Cake at the American Adventure, we went on the Maelstrom in Norway, we took the Gran Fiesta Tour in Mexico and then we went to our favorite spot to watch Illumination in Germany. And while waiting Danielle got herself a Glühwein to stay warm, I got a glass of beer and we shared a Pretzel.

Soon it was time for the most beautiful firework shows we have ever seen and I got some nice shots again. After the show we left the park, probably for the last time during this vacation, without saying anything. This is such a great park with an amazing atmosphere we can’t go back.

Day19 005
Day19 004
Day19 003
Day19 002
Day19 001
Back in our hotel we needed to start preparing our suitcases for the flight back since we can check inn tomorrow and we’d like to fly back with 2 suitcases only to save 75$. After about 1,5 hour we were done with 2 somewhat heavy carry-on suitcases and 2 suitcases which are exactly 23 kilo, the allowed weight.

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7 thoughts on “Soaking wet…”

  1. Jullie hebben weer genoten van een mooie vakantie en goed weer.
    Wij van mooie verhalen en foto’s.

  2. Wat gaat de tijd toch snel. Jullie genieten in ieder geval volop van het weer en de parken. Altijd leuk een koffer kopen ;-)). Geniet nog van de laatste momenten.

    1. Ja de tijd is voorbij gevlogen. 🙁 Kan ook niet wachten tot we weer terug gaan.

  3. Volgens mij was het een super vakantie. Een goede vlucht terug en dan als jullie thuis zijn snel FaceTime met jullie neefje.

  4. Gelukkig droog je daar snel op , hier is het ook nat maar dat kruipt dan wel in je kouwe kleren .
    Ps Sander wat een mooie vuurwerkfoto’s hahahahah 😉

    1. Ja die foto’s waren weer redelijk gelukt! Meer zit er in de lens niet in 🙁

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