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Our Family life...

The day after…

We were tired after yesterday’s party or the jet-lag is over because we both woke up after 8:00 in the morning. As you might have seen in the blogpost from yesterday we had a great time and the wedding was the main reason for making this trip. And if we would need to decide again we would do it again.

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant together with all the guest and the newly weds which stayed a night in the hotel after the party. It seemed like the party continued for another couple hours. We got to learn some more sign language and showed some party pictures!

After breakfast we said goodbye to the families and friends of Glenn and Gina and we left the hotel to go to Woodbury Common. This is said to be the largest outlet mall in the world with 220 different shops. And we still wanted to do some shopping. After driving 45 minutes we arrived there and it seemed really busy. The shops are much larger them the shops we’ve seen in any other outlet we’ve been to.



We’ve spend over 4 hours and we still have the feeling there was more to shop. We bought a lot of stuff at Tommy Hilfiger, glasses at Michael Kors and had a great deal on 7 for All Mankind jeans. After the shopping we went back to the hotel since we planned to have dinner together with Glenn, Gina, Ian and Maxx in Hoboken, New York.

Gina took Glenn to a pizza place a couple weeks ago and Glenn sensed us the picture via WhatsApp. We both told him we want to get such a gigantic pizza slice too. And so we did. It was a really busy neighborhood which was caused by the celebration of St. Patrick’s day. This is celebrate 2 weeks early here to not have a conflict with the party’s in New York City at the official date. The pizza was delicious and the slice where about 50 cm. long. We took a normal size pizza with the 3 of us and we were lucky since it was enough food. A normal size pizza is the size of a family pizza in Germany.


We had a blast this evening and we had some laughs for which my stomachs still hurts! I can only say:

“Talk to the hand, please”

Thanks for taking us there Gina and Glenn, Ian and Maxx thanks for the fun we had together!

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